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What Is Cape Town To The World?

One of my favourite things in life is travelling about and also listening to peoples stories. Interesting stories from people who do amazing work or just live lives a little out of the ordinary.

One thing I probably don’t do enough of in life is listen. I’ll be honest about that. Mostly because I feel like everyones stories are the same. I’m drawn to people who live lives of adventure, those who live outside of what is considered to be normal. The people who do great work and experience the world. A successful person who has made a lot of money but has no interesting stories of a live well lived does not interest me. I’m not interested in the cars or the houses or the millions they’ve made…I want to hear stories of great adventures.

It turns out that the people I’m interested in are generally photographers and film makers who get out and experience the world, and come back with images and stories to tell.

I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like (Which would ideally be full-time) and so I created a little photo project called ‘Cape Town To The World’ There are a lot of people who have inspired me to get out and take photos and experience things, and I’m sending these people photos.

I’m sending them photos I’ve taken in Cape Town, to give a snapshot  of what it feels like for me to live in this amazing city. In return, I’m asking them to send me a photo from their hometown that captures what it feels like to live there. So far I’ve sent to Chris Burkard, Casey Neistat and Chase Jarvis, with a reply coming in from Chris Burkard. It’s one of those projects that is going to take a lot of time to build up, but it’s a great lesson in creativity, inspiration and never growing up. I often see people who exuded life and creativity when they were in school and then got stuck into the ‘adult realities’…paying bills, staying in to watch TV on weeknights, believing everything they read in the news and generally becoming a hollowed out version of what they used to be. I never want to lose my creative spark and my Peter Pan type reality. I never want to grow old and as long as I don’t believe in growing old, I won’t. I will continue to believe in magic and to create projects that make magic and inspire people.

This project is about sending a small piece of Cape Town across the world, inspiring travel and adventure, and receiving a small piece of another part of the world. One day, when I’ve collected enough return photos, we’ll host an exhibition and hopefully it inspires a couple of people to buy less things and rather spend that money on accumulating experiences.

The idea of sending it via post also gives it a more human feel, as I feel technology is disconnecting us a great deal and I just wanted to get back to something real. There is nothing more exciting than waiting for post to arrive. Taking away that instant gratification of an e-mail, and having something tangible arrive, is a really cool thing.

You can follow the project by searching #capetowntotheworld on Instagram.

You can also like the Facebook page:

Photo 2014-02-24, 3 16 58 PM

Photo 2014-05-27, 2 55 35 PM

Photo 2014-07-02, 2 00 42 PM

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