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What Is Apocalypse Cape Town?

Things that are clear and plain to see don’t always fascinate me. I mean, they do obviously, but I spend a lot of my time thinking of what is not there, what we can’t just see in front of us. I like to use my brain to creatively think of situations that could in the future be reality. The best moments in life are when it’s quiet and you have time to think, without other people interrupting you or perhaps even trying to change the way you think with their opinions. While I do love some quiet time, it’s always nice to know that there is a world to go back to. However, what if all the people in that world disappeared? It’s not difficult to believe that one day humans may disappear from the planet. What would it look like though? In my ongoing series ‘#apocalypsecapetown’ , I imagine a post apocalyptic Cape Town where everyone is gone.

It’s the same Cape Town, but devoid of people and the energy that makes Cape Town what it is. It is an ongoing project, and one you can keep track of with the #apocalypsecapetown hashtag on Instagram.

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