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The Final Of #LumiaXRedBullPhotography

A while ago, I submitted an image that I took at Llandudno to a photography competition and was surprised when I got an e-mail saying that I had made it through to the next round of the competition. The next round involved me having to capture an ‘action inspired’ image using the Nokia Lumia 1520 that I was sent as part of the competition. I struggled to find anything that really captured my eye, until I heard that a friend of mine would be wake-boarding at a park down the road from where I live. When the winter rains come, a section of the park fills with water to around knee height, and Andrew and some of the guys set up a winch and wakeboard across this somewhat temporary pond. I went through with the Nokia Lumia, and captured this image:

WP_20140712 3

I submitted around 13 images to the contest, but in my mind I knew that this was going to be the one that would give me the best chance. As it turns out, this is the image that has landed me in the final round. I think it’s easy to sit on the side and take a photo, but the real thanks needs to go to Andrew for pulling this move off, and to Jason for standing under him, in the freezing cold, to get this image.

I don’t know what it is about photography and why I like it, but it’s just the one thing that feels the best to me. There isn’t a real reason, but when I’m taking photos and looking at photos, that just feels most normal to me.

For this reason, I really need your help for the next stage of the competition. I need a quick vote from you and it’s really easy.

On the following link, you need to first like the Nokia page, then click ‘Click through to vote in the Red Bull Photography gallery’ Scroll down until you see my name, Sean Lloyd, and my image and then click vote. By voting you also stand the chance to win, as do I, so it’s quite a cool competition. Here is the link:

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far and to those who are still going to vote.

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