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Read This // Edition 4

Watch a shark attack through sophisticated cameras // One of the scariest things about being in the ocean is being attacked by a shark even thought it is rare. In this footage, cameras are set up and a shark attacks them. It’s quite scary, but incredible to see how powerful sharks are. Fstoppers

Capturing the best surf photo ever // What lengths will people go to in order to get the greatest surf photo ever. Mark Matthews and Taj Burrow attempt to reinvent surf photography and nearly die in the process. RedBull

1000km on a mountain bike and $1 million in prize money // Its’ true, and it’s happening in South Africa. The Munga

Spectacular ‘Mothership’ Thunderstorm Wins National Geographic Photo Contest // This may in fact be one of the best photos I’ve ever seen. Mashable

Shots Of Awe // This is one of my absolute favourite YouTube channels by Jason Silva. It is just all round awesome. YouTube


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