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Read This // Edition 3

Johnnie Walker Blue Label presents Jude Law in ‘The Gentleman’s wager’ // I’m not normally one to be interested in advertising, but I really did love this and Johnnie Walker is a brand that I drink and I believe in it and the quality of it. I’ve also always enjoyed the coolness that Jude Law exudes, and this is cool. YouTube

In conversation with Finn Beales // I think I first came across Jacksgap through our local YouTuber, Caspar Lee. From Jacksgap I found out about Finn Beales and he produces some of the most incredible imagery and inspires a whole lot of people. His images make you want to get out and see every last bit of this amazing world. Jacksgap

Why I Left // Michael Fukumura went from being a government lawyer in Washington, D.C. to a yoga instructor and surfing fanatic in San Diego. This is the story of why he left. Vimeo

Surfing the Arctic Circle // In March 2014, SmugMug Films followed Surf Photographer Chris Burkard to the Arctic Circle as he photographed some of the world’s best surfers taking on one of the most remote breaks in the world. The following is a behind-the-scenes look at the life of an Arctic Surfer, and the photographer crazy enough to follow them. Smugmugfilms

What happens when you sell your company for $500 million? // Remember MySpace Tom, your first friend on MySpace? Since retiring, he has spent his time travelling the world and becoming an incredible photographer, with 94000 followers on Instagram. Instagram

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