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Read This // Edition 2

Here are the things that I’ve read/watched lately that you should see.

MySprout // My friend and filmmaker Dan Mace does the most amazing work, and his latest film ‘Press Play, Imagine’ introduces us to his new project, Plant positivity.  YouTube

Run Jose // As a child he was kidnapped and forced to kill, until one night he had a dream to get away from it all. So he ran away from his life. This is an absolutely incredible story, and if you’re in Cape Town you may have seen Jose as he now works as a bouncer. Vimeo

Every runner has a story // He’s homeless. He’s used cocaine, heroine, meth. This is Ronnie’s incredibly and moving story of how running has changed his life. It’s such a great motivation for life and the simple pleasures. “I really don’t want too much. I just want to just get up and  stay healthy. I just enjoy this, this moment right here. Every runner wants that” Vimeo

Scott Ramsay // This is the dream job. Meet the guy who found a way to make a living by adventuring in Africa’s finest wilderness areas. Red Bull

Every day is day one // Samsung have become the first global partner of the ASP. It is so great to see one of the biggest brands in the world partnering with the ASP, and this can only be a good thing for surfing. They produced this incredible advert. “Samsung Mobile is proud to be the first global partner of the ASP, together they celebrate the growth of surfing worldwide and remind us that out on the waves, every day is day one” YouTube

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