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Read This // Edition 1

There is A LOT of content on the internet. It is mostly populated by headline news and cats, and I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in different things, and I’m surely not the only one? Mainstream news keeps you occupied and it keeps you dumb. I share the content I love on Twitter and Facebook, but I want to start compiling a list once a week where I share the stories I really think you should read. They’ll all be interesting and positive and inspiring. In this first edition, I’ve got 5 pieces of content that I’ve recently read/watched that I think you should see.

1 // Can you imagine earning $100k a week? There are now stars of Snapchat, and this is what they can earn for one weeks work TIME

2 // A Billionaire Mathematician’s Life of Ferocious Curiosity. Inside the incredible life of James H. Simons. NYTimes

3 // The story of Marcus Haney is one of the most incredible photographer stories I’ve ever seen. He’s made it by sneaking into the worlds biggest music shows, and photographing the musicians as if he were an official photographer. PetaPixel

4 // Could you walk away from $100 million? I couldn’t. Bob Hurley did though, and in doing so made one of the boldest movies in surf industry history. RedBull

5 // Can you ever imagine being in the cold Arctic waters, on a surfboard? Photographer Chris Burkard and some professional surfers take to these waters to capture some of the most phenomenal surf images you’ve ever seen. This video by SmugMug will come very close to blowing your mind, and it will make you want to get away from behind your desk and get into an uncomfortable zone. YouTube

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