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    I write. I photograph. I make ideas happen. Online.

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    I'm into copywriting. Like really, really into copywriting.

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      Social Media Consulting

      I started studying journalism when MySpace was still THE social network. I graduated when Facebook arrived. I've grown up through digital and know more about it than I should.

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      You need copy and you need it now. You need a story about your brand, but you're not a storyteller. Drop me a line and we'll chat. hello@seanlloyd.co.za

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      Copywriting is what I do. Your brand has a story and I'll put that into words. I don't write how they taught me to in college, but that's alright because you don't want to sound the same as everyone else.

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    A selection of my work that I've done professionally and on a personal project level.

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  • My Digital Life

    I gained my online knowledge and experience running a Cape Town lifestyle blog which became my education. Since then I've worked with companies by helping them tell their stories as well as working on a number of personal projects. If it's digital and you need someone to do it for you...I'll put my hand up (I still sit at the back of the class)
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    A selection of companies I've done work for over the years

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    I'm based in Cape Town, but it's digital so you can hire me anywhere

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